Consulting Services

BKI provides a full suite of business continuity management consulting services. To us, Business Continuity Management (BCM) includes Crisis Management Planning, Emergency Response Planning, Business Resumption Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning.

We have four (4) consulting service pillars namely:


Project management and Strategy design.


Documentation and Validation.


Review, Training and Testing.

Audit & Benchmarking

Audits and Benchmarking

The first two service pillars are suitable for companies just starting their business continuity or disaster recovery planning. The second two service pillars are more for organizations that have implemented some level of business continuity / disaster recovery programs within their organization.

Our consulting services, as shown in our Service Disc below, are designed to be modular and flexible so as to fit the various needs of our customers. Our customers can pick and choose whichever service they want that best fits their purpose / requirement.

The following is the full listing of our consulting services:

  • Project management services
  • Risk assessment services
  • Business impact analysis services
  • BCM framework design services
  • Plan documentation services
  • Site establishment services
  • BCM plan (user) Training services
  • Plan validation services
  • Strategy review services
  • Plan Reviews services
  • Testing / Exercising services
  • Education / Training services
  • BCM framework audit services
  • Recovery site audit services
  • Vendor audit services
  • Benchmarking services
  • Readiness Assessment

We have a stable of very experienced and certified consultants who are familiar with industry best practices and recognized standards / guidance / methodology.